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Solar Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

A variable frequency drive finds its application in ‘load control’ and ‘speed control’ of AC induction motors.

The ‘speed control’ application is widely used for running water pumps for irrigating fields/farms and the VFD uses solar energy to drive the pump motor.

In a Solar VFD, Solar energy is converted  into AC power for driving the pump motor. The speed of the pump varies according to the  frequency of the VFD out put which intern varies with the intensity of sun light.

Thus the motor ‘wakes-up’ as the intensity of sun light increases in the morning and thereon runs at  full speed for 4 to 6 hours of ‘full sun shine’ hours. The pump eventually stops in the evening as the intensity of the sun decreases.

The use of solar VFD facilitates a farmer irrigation without electrical power there by benifiting his economy. 


The frequency range of the  VFD is between 20Hz and 50 Hz. The start and stop frequency can be set from the front key pads. The VFDs have an efficiency of above 95%. The high efficiency is achieved using ‘pure-Sine Pulse Width Modulation’ (SPWM) method.

 Our Solar VFD produces very little harmonics and are within the prescribed limits.

Our VFDs can be used for both ‘load control’ and speed control’ applications The USP of our solar  VFD is that they are best suited for ‘high torque’ or’ high inrush current’ during start-up.