Products - SWPS

Solar Water Pumping Systems

The SWPS are in the market for few years now. The existing systems operate at lower efficiencies and are prone to corrosion, frequent breakdown  and maintenance.

At Zynergy we have improved the SWPS to meet the worst operating conditions. The pumps offered by us are of high efficiency and are made to improve the dynamic head and extremely low friction pipes are used.


Typically a SWPS consists of :

  • Solar PV modules on a module mounting structure with necessary earthing, wiring, cabling and Lightning protection
  • A Variable Frequency Drive(VFD) with accessories in a IP 54 control gear
  • Safety earthing system
  • A 5 hp, 5 stage submersible pump (typical)
  • Water Proof cable, Remote monitoring system etc


The power derived from solar energy received via the solar modules is converted into AC power to drive the pump motor.

The VFD feeds the pump motor with AC power at different frequencies depending upon the energy available from the sun. Thus the pump runs at lower speed at the sunrise and runs at full speed during the peak sunny hours of the day

Typically a 5hp pump can deliver about 1 lakh litres per day, depending on the yield of the well and the intensity of sunlight.

Zynergy’s SWPS require negligible maintenance. The maintenance is limited to cleaning of the solar PV modules. The pumps supplied are on  a  5 years warranty against manufacturing defects and are also covered under AMC.  A toll free number is also provided to the beneficiary for lodging any complaints or clarifications.

Zynergy also provides option for remote monitoring of the installed pumps. The unique Remote Monitoring System (RMS), provides live data on functioning and critical operating parameters of the pumps, which can be monitored from a single location. This ensures proactive after sales support.