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Solar Powered Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment has become need of the day. Sewage from houses and industries is often let out into open drainages and water bodies and eventually join rivers and lakes thereby polluting the water resources. This infected water then returns to the water cycle and is used for consumption, resulting in propagation of waterborne diseases and other infections.

We at Zynergy have taken this concern very seriously and have designed Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) operating on Solar Energy.

The advantage of Solar STPs is that they can be installed and operated at remote areas where the electricity is either not available or electricity is sporadic/unreliable .

Design Inputs

Following provide basis for the design of a Solar STP for a village/town

No of house

Average No of persons  per house

Average effluent generated per head

Latitude and Longitude of  the village/town

No of hours  Electricity available

Availability of sufficient land for STP

Once these data is made available, the specialists at Zynergy design most economical and  energy efficient Solar Powered STP

Expected Treated Effluent Quality:

Irrespective of quality of the Sewage, the STP the water output quality will be in line with the UN  standards

Sl. No. Parameters Value
1 Colour Default Colour after settling
2 pH 6.5 – 7.5
3 Total suspended solid < 75 ppm
4 COD < 80 ppm.
5 BOD < 30 ppm.
6 Oil and grease < 5 ppm