Product - SPARC Pump


Zynergy is spearheading a revolution in how water is being pumped in rural and industrial areas, through its innovative, low cost solar water pumping product. Branded “SPARC”, the pumps which run on Solar-electric, or Photovoltaic, power has proven to be an ideal way to lift water for drinking, sanitation, stock tanks, and irrigation

Photovoltaic pumps have been on the market since 1980 and are in use all over the world. The SPARC pumps are non corrosive and lift water using solar power. The power cables don’t travel with the pump up to the depth of the well. This model is not only economical but also very reliable. Regions with shortage or no power can use solar power or a combination of both.

These pumps come in different sizes to suit the need of water pumping at different depths. These pumps can pump anything from soft water to hard, saline or even sludges and slurries with the same ease, which means we don’t have to change our pump to suit the site conditions

The SPARC solar water pumping systems are offered as a complete package which includes the following

  1. PV Modules – Poly Crystalline
  2. Bore-Well Pump  – Non Corrosive Material
  3. Pneumatic Unit –  Depending on specific pump capacity
  4. Controller – Variable Frequency Drive with accessories

SPARC pumps come with the following unique and inherent features as compared to conventional submersible pumps

Slurry pumping

The conventional submersible pumps when installed in a location where there is slurry, the slurry jams the impeller and thus the whole pumping comes to a halt. However in a SPARC pump there are no moving parts. This feature makes it highly efficient in pumping slurry without any congestion in the pump.

Corrosion & Maintenance

Unlike conventional pumps which are usually made of GI or MS, are vulnerable to corrosion, our pumps are constructed entirely of specially selected, tough Non-metallic, non-corroding materials which can handle water high in salt, iron, sand, grit and more. There are no moving parts in the SPARC pumps and hence the maintenance of the new generation pumps is almost nil whereas the conventional pumps have impellers, motors etc. which will need regular maintenance.  As the SPARC Pump does not contain any rotating parts there is no heating due to dry run and also there are no problems of dry run protection, over voltage protection, winding burns, and various other electrical failures.

Ease of Installation

Usually installation of a conventional submersible water pump is tedious and involves employment of skilled labour. The conventional pumps are bulky and heavy, the entire piping is assembled with the pump along with the electrical cables.  Whereas, the SPARC pumps are made of light weight material. The discharge pipe is flexible PVC pipe and there are no electrical cables. Thus, installation becomes easy and no skilled people are required nor any special tools are used. 

Features & Benefits

  • Wide operating temperature range of 0-50o
  • Wide range of pumping application from clear cold water to saline & muddy/sludgy water.
  • Jam free, Rust free, light weight and no moving or rotating parts pump.
  • Highly efficient and noise free pump.
  • Easy to install and remove, does not require special tools or even unskilled person can install or remove.
  • Works even in muddy water.
  • No dependence on erratic grid power  or expensive diesel.
  • Non Corrosive pumps for longer life > 25 years.
  • Wide range of solutions: surface, open well, drip, sprinkler & others.