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Solar Powered Reverse Osmosis Plant

Everyone has the right to water and sanitation services that are physically accessible within, or in the immediate vicinity of their households. Drinking water scarcity is a major problem in today’s world even though we have abundance of water in the form of lake, rivers wells, ocean etc. While the normal water can be converted into potable/drinking water using filtration techniques, the hard water requires more strenuous methods like Reverse Osmosis (RO). Also dissolved impurities, metals, minerals and silica can only be taken out using an RO Electrical power is necessary for operating RO plant. Power source is another major problem in rural areas making it even more difficult for the availability of water.

Zynergy with its expertise in Solar and Water treatment plant has brought-in a unique product to address this very problem of drinking and potable water.We are discussing delivering drinking water for rural masses between 10,000L per day to 15000L per day suitable for villages/localities with population of 50 to 100 houses, The Water filtration plant is scalable and can be built to provide drinking water to a larger community also. The solar system compliments the RO plant as the plant becomes completely independent of grid and it is able to run on natural power making it efficient and eco friendly.

Block Diagram



Bore Pump:

A specially designed pump which operates through venturi effect is used to draw water out of the source.


A normal RO diaphragm requires high pressure drop across the diaphragm which leads to the requirement of high pressure pumps, this in turn leads to high power consumption. But in the case of our specially developed diaphragm the pressure drop is low making it possible to be operated with lower power.

RO Plant Design

 R O plant with specially designed RO-diaphragm is used to produce potable drinking water. The R O diaphragm used in the solar RO is special.

In conventional R O Diaphragms the pressure across the diaphragm is very high and this necessitates  high pressure pumps  and hence higher power consumption. the RO of Zynergy uses diaphragms with low pressure hence the power requirements are lower, this also makes the Solar RO economical.

The proposed RO plant is designed to work on solar power. Since the system is working on solar power the power consumption should be optimized and adapt the system to operating conditions of solar system. The raw water from any source is pumped out using pump, this water is passed through a filter to remove any unwanted particles out of the water. Then this water is pumped in to RO plant.

The water out put from RO is stored in a tank and used for drinking purpose.

All the pumps used in the process and RO plant are operated by electrical energy, this energy is generated from solar system. The size of the solar plant depends on the energy required by the RO plant.

 RO Plants- The Zynergy Advantage

The conventional RO plants use high pressure pumps making it a very high power consuming technology .With our special diaphragms, the pressure across the R O membrane is reduced and hence the pressure requirement from RO pump is reduced, resulting in reduced power requirement. The power consumption has come down drastically making it more power efficient.

In India, the water pumps and clarifiers work on electricity from the electricity board, which is not reliable and generally not available or available only at night. Hence rural masses suffer as water is not available when needed. . The  R O system we are providing works on Solar energy. Solar energy is available in abundance and is also available in the daytime.  This makes the drinking water available to rural masses in the daytime. The performance of the plant is controlled by the state of art microprocessor controlled monitoring system. Use of VFDs provides constant pressure and hence enhances performance of the unit.

RO Pant – Innovations

A special diaphragm is developed in which the pressure drop is low across the diaphragm making it possible to use low power pumps.

The VFD and micro controlled monitoring system provides enhanced performance and higher quantity of drinking & potable water at low power and low cost

The plant is scalable to large sizes and finds its application in villages, community centers, railway stations etc.