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Solar Hybrid Inverter

A solar hybrid inverter typically works on Solar energy as well as  on Electrical Power. A solar inverter is used for feeding  AC domestic or industrial loads using solar energy. 


The Solar inverter charges a battery-bank using the solar energy and simultaneously feed the connected electrical loads. The inverter then shifts to the stored power of battery to feed the connected loads on sunset. In case the stored battery power exhausts eithe on excessive use of or on non account of non-sunny days, the inverter uses the Electrical power from EB to feed the loads and charge the battery.

Alectrona DSP based Microcontroller Solar Hybrid Inverter (ASHI) is Pure sine wave inverters (SPWM) are consist of a Maximum Power Peak Tracking  (MPPT) at efficiency of more than 95%,  Intelligent  Battery charge condition unit and a DC-AC Inverter.. Solar Photovoltaic power is peak tracked for battery charging using MPPT Controller. Battery Charger is four stage step charger, combination of constant voltage and constant current charging  algorithm intelligently charge the battery. Battery charger has dual mode charging,  it can charge either from Solar Photovoltaic Panels or from the mains supply. The Battery is charged and discharged precisely with help of DSP based microcontroller.  The DC voltage from solar modules/Battery is converted to 230 Voltage @ 50Hz Pure Sine wave using intelligent DSP algorithm. The Harmonics are well within the prescribed limits.

The Inverter is provided with all safety features like-Battery under voltage, Over voltage and Overload reverse polarity, short circuit, features to protect battery, solar modules and the loads connected.

The inverter is light weight, easy to install and is also maintenance free.