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Solar energy based Home Lighting Systems is a unique offering from the stables of Zynergy Group. Utilizing the possibilities of Photo Voltaic technology, HLS ensures lighting to rural homes at an affordable cost. With facility for being used as a standalone system or grid connected, HLS ensures round the clock illumination

Photovoltaic technology, often abbreviated as PV is a simple and elegant method of harnessing the sun’s energy. A PV device converts the incident solar radiation into electricity with no noise, pollution or moving parts making it a robust, reliable and long lasting source of energy.

During day time the solar photovoltaic array converts sunlight into electricity and charges the battery through the solar charge controller. The solar charge controller regulates the voltage & protects the battery against over charge / deep discharge. The UPS / inverter converts the dc power stored in the battery into AC power and feeds the load. The UPS also has an inbuilt feature to operate through grid power in hybrid mode with priority given to solar energy. The switchover from solar to grid happens automatically without any break and depends on the battery charges level, solar generation and grid availability.


SOLAR PV MODULE: The solar PV modules consist of multi crystalline solar PV cells connected in series / parallel combination which produces electrical power when exposed to sunlight. The amount of power produced is directly proportional to the intensity of sunlight falling on the top surface of the solar cells. The peak power rating of the modules under STC is provided as a back label stuck in the back sheet of every solar module. The modules are produced in our own state of the art factory

MODULE MOUNTING STRUCTURE: The module mounting structure is fabricated with MS angles. It is designed to support / fix PV modules over shadow free area on the roof. The fabrication is done in house

BATTERY:A tubular deep cycle VRLA battery is supplied which stores the electrical energy produced by the solar PV module during the day time and supplies the stored energy to run the loads during night or next day if sunlight is not available. The maximum electrical energy which can be stored in the battery is specified by the ampere hour (Ah) capacity of the battery.

SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER: The solar charge controller charges the storage battery optimally. Controller is provided with ‘Maximum Power Point Tracker’ (MPPT)  to enable quick and safe charging of the battery, the controller  regulates the voltage  to charge and protect the battery from over charge / under charge.

SOLAR  INVERTER – MPPT Based : The inverter is designed to supply continuous power to a dedicated local load using the power from either the solar system or  battery; provision is also made to utilize power from   Grid for operation under unforeseen circumstances or during non-sunny days. The change controller and the inverter are produced in our own state of the art plant in Sriperumbudur, Chennai The PDCs are designed by our own R&D team and fabricated in the EMS facility in the plant

The Inverter   is capable of operating in a ‘grid interactive’ mode and will automatically change- over to ‘standalone ‘operation mode.