Alectrona Energy Pvt Limited
EPC Contracting
Alectrona will focus on opportunities in solar EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) in Tamil Nadu and other states in India, to enable client companies to generate solar energy on their own properties, in accordance with both state and national energy policies. Alectrona will also, on behalf of client companies, undertake the applications for grants, funding and carbon credits.

Alectrona has signed a cooperation agreement with Phoenix Solar AG, a specialist EPC company, listed on the stock exchange in Germany, and with Asian operations based in Singapore.

The target market will be for projects covering solar farms and rooftop installation of any given type above 1 KW.

It is a market projected to be worth between $50 and 100 billion over the next 10 years. This market extends from the major solar farms, as planned by Zynergy, to installations on industrial and commercial buildings and right down to individual residential units.
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